Like Classic Hits? Listen to my 2nd favorite station in Tucson Rock 107.5 Just click on the "listen live" button in the upper right of the page. If you're in Southern AZ the best Classic Rock station is 99.1 The Planet, out of Safford.

Please donate to the Red Cross and/or the Salvation Army to help the victims of disasters. We hope all affected fare well.


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MSG Pete Howard (Ret)

Sierra Vista, AZ

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We took a trip, in May/June 01 to Lake Powell, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone Park, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California Click here to check out the pictures.


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Soldier, Army U.S. Army - Years Employed: 1973-95
4 tours in Europe - SHAPE SHAPE, BE, 26th Sig Heilbronn, GE, cam Wiesbaden,GE),
SC 67th Sig Ft Gordon, Knox Ft Knox, Huachuca Ft Huachuca,

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Retired - Did construction work for 5 years

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