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the moon coming up over Ft Huachuca, AZ Melissa at Halloween Dorn Street, Grovetown, GA Indian petroglyphs, Garden Canyon, Ft Huachuca AZ Indian petroglyphs, Garden Canyon, Ft Huachuca AZ sunset on a beach in CA my house in GA big old cactus Headstone in boothill-he was right , we was wrong, but we strung him up, and now he's gone big old Carp I caught in Beaver Lake, Arkansas Grand Canyon from a plane my son, Alexander parade in Sierra Vista gunfight in Tombstone results of gunfight in Tombstone my house in AZ Bisbee, AZ Disneyland! the family in Montana near Sedona, AZ sunset on I17 North of Phoenix, AZ Dad, with one of his paintings me when I worked My old van Me in my younger days Christy in Belgium Margie Sabrina big old bass I caught in GA Teri Me in Montana Me in Montana Thirsty My Niece, Jessica My Niece, Jessica Me teachin' Me, Mom, Gary Tornado damage in GA Me in NC Chasin' Joanna with fish head Me and Bass I caught in GA Goin' away present in GE View of Rhein River from a castle in GE Cruisin' on the Rhein River in GE Cruisin' on the Rhein River in GE Fish fry at my place in GE My place in GE My Daughter, Christy and Granddaughters Joanna and Melissa My Daughter, Christy My Granddaughter, Joanna on Valentine's Day in GE Joanna takin' a bath in GA Parade in Sierra Vista, Arizona Michael and Christy in GE

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